Our first subcontractor customer was IBM in the 1960s, we made stainless steel paper webs for their printers. Another customer that became a world leader was Siemens Elema Pacemakers, we deep-drawn the casings in extremely thin titanium sheet. Many Porsche cars that roll in the world have components that we made.

Take a look at the ones we have worked on over the years. As I said we have been involved in technology that has been world leading for 5 decades.

  • Husqvarna
  • Alstom
  • Delaval
  • Nibe
  • Danfoss (Termia)
  • AtlasCopco
  • TetraPak
  • Alfalaval
  • PIAB
  • System 3R
  • Luvata

We have also received many excellent testimonials from customers for our quality and delivery reliability. If you want to see what kind of work we do, please look under the Knowledge tab where you will find pictures of products we have made.

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