All parts are machine washable

Cleaning can be done by hand but also placed in dishwashers or sterilization wash. The size of the parts is adapted for machine washing.

Everything can be disassembled and reassembled

This furnishing system is unique, the big advantage is that all cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. can be easily detached and then just as easily reassembled, without tools. Thus excellent when there are high hygiene requirements.

Complete system

Our shelving system also has the same hygienic properties, shelves and brackets can be easily dismantled for cleaning. The fixed wall rail has no hidden or inaccessible parts.

MediClean is a very comprehensive system with many versions, including height-adjustable benches in different variants. Can be ordered in customer-specific dimensions and with many different edge profiles.


Thanks to the removable parts, you can also change the location of cabinets and drawers. This makes it easy to add on when needs change.

The pictures above show a scenario where the cabinets and drawers are rearranged.

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