Distribution trolleys

Easy and smooth transport

The wagons are equipped with a front drawbar and a rear drawbar to be coupled in a truck train. During transport, the baskets are fixed with a basket stop. The large rubber wheels combined with plastic-coated gears and well thought-out design ensure that distribution to the department takes place with minimal noise.

Safe handling

They are equipped with a pull-out stop that prevents the basket from slipping out of the rack and injuring the user. To protect the goods from dirt and view, there is a canopy which can be opened at the front with double zippers. The zips can be sealed.

Spacious and customisable storage

The plastic-coated guides allow loading and unloading to be done smoothly and safely. The stainless steel baskets are available in two different heights; 200mm and 100mm with a mesh size of 25mm. The baskets hold approximately 25 and 13 litres of infusion fluid respectively. With dividers, the baskets can be divided into different compartments. Label plates attached to the front of the baskets are used to label what the baskets contain.

Product overview

Distribution trolley 10 PG AGV


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Distribution trolley 10 PG COVERED

Art.nr 152654

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Distribution trolley 10 PG 16/18

Art.nr 151522

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Distribution trolley 10 PG 22/26

Art.nr 151533

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Distribution trolley 10 PG 16/28 DISK

Art.nr 151927

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Distribution trolley 7 PG 16/18

Art.nr 151591

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Distribution trolley 7 PG 22/26

Art.nr 151661

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Distribution trolley 7 PG 16/28 DISK

Art.nr 151929

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Distribution trolley 4 PG 16/28 DISK

Art.nr 151993

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High basket 200mm

Art.nr 706000

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Low basket 100mm

Art.nr 706005

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Marking plate for basket

Art.nr 152222

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Partition wall for high basket

Art.nr 706110

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Partition wall for low basket

Art.nr 706115

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Paper holder A4

Art.nr 152425

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Chapel 10 PG

Art.nr AS-705014A

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Chapel 7 PG

Art.nr AS-705014-7PG

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Chapel 4 PG

Art.nr AS-705014-4PG

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