Drying cabinet

Saves money and time

The MediCab drying cabinet is an economical investment that saves time in your laundry process. Drying in a drying cabinet frees up the dishes more quickly to take care of new material and also ensures drying results even on complicated details with tight spaces and water accumulation.Using push buttons, the operator selects the drying time, 20/40/60 minutes, that is considered necessary. The digital display shows how many minutes are left of the drying time.

Purified air

Thanks to the partition wall, the cabinet is fully circulated. Separate connections ensure that air flows through, for example, hoses and blowers. All shelves are perforated for the best possible air flow. The drying cabinet can be equipped with a highly efficient electrostatic filter for air purification.

Stylish design

The cabinet's sleek and user-friendly design ensures good ergonomics when loading and unloading. The smoke-coloured glass doors not only provide a very attractive appearance but also a clear view of the cabinet. The doors can be left- or right-hinged. All cabinets can be supplied as a pass-through model, thus acting as a lock between clean and unclean sides.

Product overview

Drying cabinet 160 Hylla

Art.nr 312

7pcs shelves

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Narkostorkskåp 160

Art.nr 332

4pcs perforated shelves and suspension of 12 hoses and 6 bladders

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Drying cabinet 160 Korg

Art.nr 323

5 baskets

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Narkostorkskåp 190

Art.nr 334

7pcs perforated shelves and suspension of 12 hoses and 6 bladders

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Hylla fullbredd MediCab

Art.nr 150226

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Hylla för narkostorkskåp

Art.nr 150138

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Benställning med justerbara fötter

Art.nr 150454

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