Sterile Carts

Our products are characterised by high quality and robust stainless steel construction, which makes them very durable. We find carts delivered in the 80’s that are still in use.

We are niche in hospital logistics, and over the years, trolleys have become our area of expertise.

Our MediCarGo (trolley) range is currently found in a number of hospitals in Sweden and Finland, and if you look at the entire range, you will find our hospital products all over the world.

Stable and robust wagons

Our basket trolleys are built entirely of stainless steel with a sturdy frame of tubes and wheels of very high quality. The trolleys are suitable for transport and storage of sterile goods both in sterile zones and transport to and from unclean zones around the hospital.

Easy-to-read storage unit

The trolleys are available with two different types of gearing systems, plastic-coated gears or wire gears. As standard, the trolleys have a bottom plate that minimises dirt spillage during transport.Thanks to its open design, the contents are easily visible when the trolley is used as a storage unit.

Customize the content

The trolleys are adapted for standard size baskets and trays that can be freely placed in the gearing system. Containers can be transported on shelves in the trolleys.The undercarriage is designed to allow transport on a tractor so that the basket trolleys are never in contact with the floor during transport in unclean zones.

What our customers think

– Four of our distribution wagons were purchased back in the 1980s. They are still in use and just as good.

This is what Gunilla Solander, Deputy Hospital Manager at Aleris Elisabeth Hospital in Uppsala, says.

The fact that distribution trolleys are made entirely of stainless steel ensures high quality, long life and a high level of cleanliness after cleaning. In a hospital environment, this is particularly important, as is that the trolleys are user-friendly.

Trolleys in the operating environment

Aleris Elisabeth Hospital is one of Sweden’s leading specialist hospitals in orthopaedic surgery.

– We have been operating since 1989. In particular, we have patients who need back, shoulder, hip or knee surgery. We also do a lot of hand surgery,” says Gunilla Solander.

Sjukhuset har lång och god erfarenhet av produkter från Silver & Stål.

– We use distribution trolleys in our sterile unit. Sometimes we use one trolley, sometimes several, which makes us very flexible. Trolleys are also used in storage rooms for storage,” says Gunilla.

– We also pack, prepare and tailor carts for the next day’s operations with the instruments we need. When ready, the trolleys are transported to a staging area. The trolleys are used in a constant flow of our operations.

Listening to our wishes

Gunilla experiences a good response from her supplier and that the products meet the hospital’s specifications very well.

– Wagons and equipment are of high quality, she stresses.

Through in-house design and manufacturing, Silver & Stål can offer optimized, customer-unique solutions.

– I feel that the company is very flexible. They listen when we have requests for changes and take our needs into account. In one case we wanted to remove the locking device and on our new trolleys we wanted a special basket.

Do you clean the trolleys mechanically or manually?

– We wash the trolleys manually as we do not have a cabinet dishwasher.

Anser du att vagnarna är prisvärda?

– Det är inte de billigaste på marknaden, men genom att vi har vagnar från 80-talet som fortfarande är lika bra och att kunna få skräddarsydda vagnar anpassade till vår verksamhet är det prisvärt, avslutar Gunilla.

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